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Line 13: Line 13:
 -> ''​./​bridgenetwork.xml''​ -> ''​./​bridgenetwork.xml''​
 <​network>​ <​network>​
   <​name>​default</​name>​   <​name>​default</​name>​
Line 19: Line 19:
   <bridge name="​br0"/>​   <bridge name="​br0"/>​
 </​network>​ </​network>​
 sudo virsh net-define ./​bridgenetwork.xml sudo virsh net-define ./​bridgenetwork.xml
 sudo virsh net-start default sudo virsh net-start default
 sudo virsh net-autostart default sudo virsh net-autostart default
 sudo virsh net-list sudo virsh net-list
 ===== neue vm ===== ===== neue vm =====